Post-Hurricane Irma Community Update

Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Irma. We are so grateful that our new home community escaped the hurricane relatively unscathed. This area has been very fortunate through the years to have not experienced much damage, however Irma did cause an initial scare that we are glad to put behind us. As … Continued
Green Key Village Welcomes Gardening

Green Key Village Welcomes Gardening

Around this time of year, a break from the heat seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Central Florida residents. Central Florida dwellers, however, enjoy perks exclusive to the Sunshine State. Even as summer comes to a close, for example, poolside weekends, barbeque dinners and family fun doesn’t end. Instead, as the fall … Continued

4 Things You Can’t Miss in Central Florida

In an area known for taking it easy, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in Central Florida It’s no secret that Central Florida is desired landing spot–warm weather year-round, beaches just miles away, thriving arts culture and major metro areas just a short car drive from your front door. But Central Florida offers … Continued

At the Front of American Life

A classic symbol of rich tradition and rest, nothing says “home” quite like a porch. If you’ve ever purchased a new car, you know that classic, euphoric smell. You can’t beat it. There’s no feeling like climbing in the driver’s seat and taking in the sweet aroma of newness, of ownership. It’s the first sensation–the … Continued

Healthy Home? Happy Homeowner

Through active and sustainable efforts to improve air quality and limit emissions, we’re keeping our homes ahead of the curve at Green Key Village. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. While many neighborhoods begin to make a conscious effort to keep in step with the latest in eco-friendly home features, we’re ahead of the curve. Our … Continued

New vs. Resale: 6 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home

When home buyers consider their vision for their perfect home, they likely conjure up a few common dreams: creative freedom to design the home’s interior, long-term savings with bills, and even that “new home feel” that only brand new homes can offer. But these types of benefits are only offered by one type of home–brand … Continued
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